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Old 03-15-2011, 02:48 PM
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Default NFusion HD NOI's private server files and instructions


To all HD tester, the software that can work like clink will be released here by next Wednesday but this one support newcamd. It should bring your doorstop back to life again. It is working with WIndows 7 and XP. SD box should also work with this software. It may not be the best solution for your box because you need PC to run this software all the time.

What you need.

1. This software that will be released.
2. PC with WIndows XP, Vista and 7.
3. .NET framework 3.5
4. you need to know IP address of S.U.N.s that your box try to connect.
5. you must Set additional IP to network interface of PC with IP from 4. The way to set IP can be found at POST#10 from xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx/showthread...-Code-War-Room
6. Server with newcamd protocol.

Be prepared

P.S. For hd_R25 IP of S.U.N.S may use or for hd_R27F. I hope that I will get permission to release file here.

The software is free with full function without expiration but you must have server that you can choose any you want.

I forgot one more thing. The HD box must set gateway to IP of your PC that will be running the software. I also attached file for testing if all setting is correct.

MD5 checksum: A34A593AACB0991E1081E44EEA1364 DD
SHA1 checksum: B157895BF0328A60640B618C947D74 17D8F329AF

How to use.
1. Go to command prompt.
2. Go to directory that you save file.
3. type: testserver 80 to use it.
4. If you get Message: Received DATA from <your HD IP>...
You are ready to get HD back to work again.
5. Press ctrl+c to exit the software.

IMPORTANT: You must do checksum with all files that I released to make sure that it is correct file.

Was last stated to be released 3/16....


This is instruction how to use the software. You should be up in a minute if you have everything I mentioned in the first post. Be prepared for the file.

Before using make sure that you test PC with testserver from previous post.

You may run program before or after turn on HD box but the first time you should follow the order below.

How to use.

1. Run the program, then click on setting tab, fill all information. Make sure that key is in this format:

2. Check All settings if they are correct. Click Save if you don't want to fill this information everytime you start program. Keep in mind that data will be save to C:\Users\<your_user_Name>\AppD ata\Local\NOI\ and will be save after you exit progarm.

3. Turn on HD box. Go to channel 9436 or 200 for testing, and wait until you get S.U.N.S not connected.

4. On the program, Click Main tab, Pray...(optional) and then click Start. TV on the right will turn from black screen to noise signal screen, and then countdown screen that means you are good to go and should get picture on TV.

5. If you don't get picture on TV in a few second, See troubleshooting.

6. If you want to restart program, Click on Quit button and wait at least 15 seconds before Start program.

7. If you click on minimize on top right of title bar, program will be minimized to system tray(buttom right on screen). You can restore by clicking its icon.

8. For protect from unexpected error, Quit program before turn off STB box.(may not need just in case.)


1. Program quit after clicking Start.
- Check all settings on Setting tab.
- TRy to change to another port if you have more than one port that you had from provider.

2. TV on the right keep showing noise signal screen. This may happen because that channel is not available.
- Change channel on HD Box to another channel.
- If you believe that the channel is working, Change to another channel and change back to that channel again.
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Please don't PM me with fta related questions, ask them in open forums so others can benefit from them too.
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